1. The Foundation and its mission

The purpose of the Romanian League in Defense of Animals is to assist, encourage, support, and promote animal protection. We rescue animals that are abused, abandoned or injured. Our goal is to find permanent, loving homes for as many of our rescued dogs as possible.

Humane education activities, sterilization programs and finding long term solutions to the problem of animal overpopulation are another important component of what we do. We are working on programs to provide companion and therapy dogs for senior citizens.

We are proud that our shelters have consistently been recognized as some of the best in the country. We seek to increase public awareness, in Romania and around the world, as to the plight of animal suffering in our communities. We actively encourage anyone from anywhere, to join us as a volunteer at our center in Galati.

ROLDA is officially registered as a Romanian charitable organization #18416340, file #1/08.02.2006 at the Galati Court of Justice. We are also officially recognized by Australia, UK, Switzerland, Norway, the U.S. and several other countries as a charitable organization.

2. 2015 Mission Report in short

  • Freedom from hunger and thirst: 918 dogs, 1 donkey, 10 cats
  • Freedom from discomfort: 918 dogs, 1 donkey, 2 cats
  • Freedom from pain: 1189 dogs, 1 donkey, 10 cats
  • Freedom to express normal behavior: 600 dogs, 1 donkey, 2 cats
  • Freedom from fear and distress: 600 dogs, 1 donkey, 2 cats
  • Rehomed (adoptions and relocation):
    • 2015 – 274 dogs*
    • 2014 – 135 dogs
      Note*: The number of animals rehomed doubled compared with previous year.
  • Animals rehabilitated: 318 dogs
  • Wildlife helped and released: 3 (1 mammal and 2 birds)
  • Animals euthanized:
    • 2015: 0*
    • 2014: 6
      Note*: 61 dogs died of natural causes, no dog have been put to sleep in our veterinary clinic.
  • Average donation amount: 18 US$
  • Number of jobs created and maintained: 10
  • Acres of land managed (in property of foundation): 11
    (Source: Guidestar.org website where ROLDA USA has Platinum level, the highest level possible)

3. ROLDA Activity in Romania

In 2016 ROLDA celebrates 10 years of animal rescue activity in Romania. During this time, we reached numerous important targets, but above all, we successfully managed to form a team of local and international activists, to save each dog in need of our assistance, to change homeless dogs’ future and to give hope to one of the poorest communities from Romania which could, thanks to our efforts, access professional veterinary care and emergency food for their pets.

Targets reached:

  • Two modern dogs sanctuaries built from ground;
  • Social veterinary clinic built (still needs equipment);
  • 7000 dogs and cats sterilized;
  • 8000 dogs helped (with emergency treatments, food, sheltering, rehabilitation);
  • Poor community’s farm animals e.g. horses helped with emergency vet costs;
  • Social sterilization programs for poor community’s pets;
  • Education campaigns in village’ schools;
  • Campaign addressed to seniors animal lovers;
  • Start- up private organic garden (medicinal plants, trees, vegetables, grass for donkey rescued);
  • Created natural wind barrier (planted over 8000 acacias)
  • Awareness international campaigns

4. ROLDA Activity Internationally

 Logo-AustraliaROLDA AUSTRALIA became incorporated charity on 1st December 2014, registration number ABN 38420396060. The team consists of the founder and a public officer. Additionally, we hired a bookkeeper (external service) and a direct mail company. Donors database have been increased from 11 donors (December 2015) to 890 donors (June 2016).

Logo UKROLDA UK is incorporated charity since July 2015, registration number 1162690. We are making progresses to find the perfect start-up team and Gemma, our representative in UK is working hard to achieve this primary goal.

Logo NorwayROLDA Gatehunder fra Romania was established in 2012 in Norway and registered on Brønnøysundregistrene (Norwegian Register Center), registration no. 998398495. Funds transferred from Norwegian branch in Romania, in 2015: 76 000NOK spent for building running spaces, water equipment repair, veterinary equipment purchase and adoption fees. Our charity is a member of Grasrotandelen where we doubled our active members since 2012, presently having 42 active supporters.

NRK TV (national TV in Norway) visited ROLDA shelters in 2012. TV Norge offered free advertising to our charity in 2014 and 2015 during Easter’ holidays.

Logo USAROLDA USA became a 501-c-3 charity 10 years ago, on 4th of July, the US National Day. Initially incorporated in WA State, the charity moved in CA State and it is run entirely by volunteers: Shannon, Californian volunteer who attend several conferences on ROLDA behalf and Mary, an expert in PR, who lives in MA State. The team is helped by Heather and Danny both living in Canada.

We currently rely on approx 1000 US supporters. Thanks to Heather’ commitment, our program addressed to seniors is 1 year old and put a smile on many seniors’ faces!

Total funds sent in Romania in 2015: 26000 US$

Logo GermanyROLDA became a registered charity in Germany in July 2015 under the name “Save Romanian Strays – ROLDA Germany e.V.”, registration number VR 3910 HL.

The team is formed by a number of 100% volunteers including: Sabine, Anja and Romina.

The Facebook page in German language with approx 7000 members, as well as the website are updated regularly by volunteers. In 2015, the first 3 dogs were safely rehomed and first lot of supplies collected by Germans arrived in Romania. In 2016, thanks to Tierschutz Shop, 11 tons of food were delivered to our Romanian shelters. In the first 6 months of 2016, approx 3000 EUR have been collected from individual donors and Tierschutz Shop money grant.

Logo HollandROLDA Holland successfully rehomed approx 200 dogs in the past years but since 2013, our activity in Holland stopped, lack of trustworthy volunteers. Stephane, an experienced animal lover from Belgium, former co-editor of Wildlife Rescue Magazine in Australia visited ROLDA in spring of 2016 and as a result, we are again hopeful for reliable support from Benelux countries. Trees and Ilona joined recently our Benelux team.

ROLDA is part of ANBI system in Holland, which makes donations and legacies deductible.

Logo SverigeROLDA Sverige was founded in September 2014, registration number 802490-7050. Our Swedish team is formed by Lisa and Sandra as well as a group of active volunteers, donors and a growing number of adopters. Swedish team travels to Romania every 2-3 months.

Funds collected in 2015: 9750 SEK and 3100 RON plus a complete running space. In the first 6 months of 2016 the donations doubled.

Logo SuisseROLDA Suisse was created in 2014 by the famous animal activist Lolita Morena who leads a group of volunteers: Michele, Muriel, Suzanne, as well as other important donors, adopters and a growing number of members. In 2015, 22320 CHF and 3900 EUR have been transferred to Romania. One major supporter is Swiss Animal Protection, the oldest animal charity from Switzerland who offers regular grants for our shelters in Romania. Gala Atout Coeur, organized in fall 2015, reunited celebrities and supporters who collected funds for both animals and children in need.

Funds in Switzerland were collected for: replacing the crashed van, planting trees to create a wind barrier for large shelter, to protect dogs against snow storms, to expand the small shelter, for 2 social sterilization campaigns helping poor communities’ pets, emergency rescue costs and food for shelters in Romania. Swiss team comes to Romania every 3-4 months.

5. Financial report 2015

S1014_A1.0.0/24.02.2016 – Checksum: 33000

Financial statement type: OL


Address: Galaţi, Smârdan, tel. 0748903612

Tax identification number: 18416340

Duration of actual operation (months) in the reporting year: 12

Non profit activities (NACE code and class)

0162 – Support activities for animal production

Economic or financial activities (NACE code and class)

0162 – Support activities for animal production

AFSP staff: 0 AEF staff: 10

NO□ CAR military units

The annual financial statements concluded on December 31, 2015 by the non-profit legal entities:

F10/1 – Balance Sheet

F20/1 – Account of the Tax Year Result

F21 – Distribution of the Tax Year Result

F25 – Record of the Fixed Assets for Non-Profit Activities

F26 – Record of the Fixed Assets for Economic Activities


Equities: 292092

Profit / loss: 176500


Digitally signed by SC ECOMAN CONT SRL

DN: c= RO, I = Galaţi City, o = SC Ecoman Cont SRL, title = Administrator, cn = Carmen N. Gheorghe, = 0723284488, serial number = 2006051670GNC9, name = Carmen N. Gheorghe, given name = Carmen, sn = Gheorghe

Date: 2016.04.29


Surname and name: COSTIN ELENA DANIELA

Signature: illegible signature

Stamp of the unit: round stamp: Rolda Foundation * Romania


Drawn up by,

Surname and name: SC ECOMAN CONT SRL

Capacity: 22 Authorised Legal Person, members of CECCAR1

Professional authority registration number 6883

Signature: illegible signature

Round stamp: SC Ecoman Cont SRL J17/54/2010 TIN 26423802 Galaţi * Romania *

1 Translator’s note: CECCAR = The Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania

6. Governance and management

ROLDA Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental entity incorporated under the current Romanian laws, registered in the Registry of Foundations and Associations from Court of Justice in Galati, Romania. (No. 5/PJ/2005, 30-1/1679)
The Unique Registration Number CUI: 18416340
The Board is formed by the founder, 2 board members from international branches (one from Switzerland and one from Norway), one board member from Romania and a treasurer.
For offering a complete transparency, the bookkeeping and legal services and maximize results, the PR are external paid services since 2006.
All members of the Board do not receive a compensation for their work.

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7.  Short Term Projects

The activity in Romania is divided in the following distinct programs:
A. The Large Shelter: 650 dogs need daily care, clean and safe sheltering, food, veterinary care, rehabilitation. Most of the costs go to: food (which includes dry food (protein min 24), diet food for puppies and seniors), veterinary costs (vaccination, sterilization or other one time surgeries and post surgery treatments, therapy care, long term treatments as well as monthly anti-flea and worm treatments), but also for disinfection of shelter, crates, vans and also fuel for rescue vans and their maintenance, salaries for paid staff and for external services like bookkeeping, lawyer, other paid services, taxes to Government.
A major cost represents the monthly payment for Security Company which guards the shelter premises 24h/day for safety of dogs and guarding the assets. Since November 2015, the local major sponsor reduced the payments with 20% and after February 2016, with another 20%. This represent approx. 15000 EUR/month which we must fundraise for other sources.
The legal actions against the steel company which abandoned 200 dogs, breaking the collaboration contract and leaving ROLDA to handle all the incurred costs represents also important additional costs for us. (lawyer fees, taxes for Court)
For the Large shelter, the short term objectives are postponed and depend on the outcome of the two trials started against the former partner, the local steel company.
Short term objectives and estimative costs for Large Shelter:
  • Building the remained 4 running spaces (40,000 EUR)
  • Repair the metallic container for staff, repairs postponed because dogs represent always a top priority, but also wellbeing of people working for these dogs is a necessity, last controls from the Veterinary Authority demanded us specifically to fix this matter (10,000 EUR)
  • Repair 3 paddocks (25,000 EUR)
  • Minor repairs at the veterinary clinic (15,000 EUR)
  • Add solar panels for electricity and hot water to reduce the electric bill  (to be estimated)
  • Add solar surveillance system, totally independent from conventional electricity as an alternative to cut the costs which currently go to the security company. (initial costs 10,000 EUR)
  • Create a shelter for donkeys and warehouse (30,000 EUR)
  • Buy the additional 1ha of land in vicinity of the shelter
  • Continue the organic garden project, initiated in spring 2016 (tools, etc) (5,000 EUR)
  • Buy partially veterinary equipment for the clinic (65,000 EUR)
  • New outdoor items for dogs’ exercise (5,000 EUR)
  • Finding a permanent solution to replace the sewage machine, abusively cut by the steel company. We need 3-4 sewage machines/week and this is an important cost for our current budget (to be estimated)
B. The small Shelter: Nominated three times consecutively the best shelter in Romania and one of the best from East Europe, it is located in the village of Smardan and house max 70 dogs. The costs include food for dogs, veterinary related (sterilization, monthly anti-flea and parasites control, vaccination, other surgeries and long treatments) and staff salaries as well as bills like electricity, phone and consumables.
Short term goals for Small Shelter:
  • Creating a sanctuary for senior cats (20,000 EUR)
  • Repair the cottage: Divide the cottage in working area (grooming, isolation, small kitchen) and volunteers cottage (50,000 EUR)
  • Buy additional land in vicinity of the small shelter (30,000 EUR)
  • Repair the small paddock (15,000 EUR)
  • Add solar surveillance system (5,000 EUR)
  • Add solar panels for hot water and electricity (to be estimated)

8. Long Term Projects

C. Sterilization Program for poor community’s pets (5,000 EUR/program)
D. Education Program (to be estimated)
E. Wild Habitat Project: welcomes supporters who wish to become co-owners of land (various sizes) donated to conserve wildlife species, forest or be used for dogs’ rehabilitation. (1ha of land price varies between 2,000-5,000 EUR/ha)
F. PawzUp Center Project: includes the Large Shelter, the veterinary clinic to which we add a brand new, glass front Adoption Area for cats and dogs, Rehabilitation Center for dogs, horses sanctuary and a Memorial park) (250,000 EUR)

9. Ways to Help

Donate Online

If you have a PayPal account, you can login and donate to ROLDA by sending your gift to this email address: roldadogs@gmail.com (Romanian branch) or roldaro@gmail.com (US branch)

Our Charity’s Bank Accounts Worldwide

Account name: Fundatia ROLDA
IBAN EUR: RO26BPOS18006199553EUR01
Bank name: Bancpost SA
Bank address: Movilei 2-8 Street, Galati, Romania

IBAN CHF: RO59BPOS18006199553CHF02

Bank account: 23689565
Sort code 20-09-72
Bank name: Barclays Bank

Banque Raiffeisen Moléson
1628 Vuadens-Sales-St-Martin
en faveur de l’Association ROLDA Suisse
1716 Oberschrot
IBAN CH19 8010 7000 0014 4189 4
CCP 17-3451-2

Name: Association ROLDA Sverige
Bank account 573-0502

Name: ROLDA Gatehunder fra Romania
Bank account  6219.13.48082

IBAN DE95230400220019277300
Bank name: Commerzbank Luebeck
Bank account 468666123
BSB 112-879
Bank name: St George Bank
US donors: Romanian League in Defense of Animals, Inc (ROLDA USA) is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions to ROLDA are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. ROLDA USA tax identification number is 32-0176929
UK donors: Contact our representative Gemma at phone: 0747 054 9402 to learn more about Gift Aid and to receive the Gift Aid application.
Dutch donors: ROLDA is part of ANBI system which makes your donation or legacy tax deductible.