Our work is based on transparency.

Your generous gift secures the present and transforms the future of all animals that are dependent on us to survive. Your support enables ROLDA to provide help for over 1000 animals every year.

Millions of homeless, abused animals and countless other pets owned by people in disadvantaged communities have no one else to rely on.

You #givehope where no one else will.

If your donation stops:
• Every year, at least 1000 animals will be alone in their suffering.
• Deadly, contagious diseases may spread to the vulnerable stray dog population.
• Our sanctuaries will fall apart and hundreds of dogs will become completely homeless.
• 10 caretakers will loose their jobs and their families will suffer.
• Pets within the poor community will be prevented from getting access to medical help e.g. when they suffer an injury.
• Seniors from all over Romania who rely on ROLDA to pay for a vet emergency, will be in danger to loose their best friend, probably the only friend they have.
• People who decided not to flee Ukraine and rescue animals suffering because of the war will stop receiving the small grants that help them keep going.

Learn how ROLDA engages the hands,
hearts and minds internationally to help the Romanian animals:
Annual Reports

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Financial Reports

ROLDA‘s financial statement is displayed publicly on the Romanian Ministry of Finances website.
Go to Financial Statements page to see the financial reports for ROLDA Romania and ROLDA USA.
The finances are audited annually by an external, certified accountant.

List of expenses

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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at rolda@rolda.org

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