Many people pay a lot of money to buy a pure breed dog. If you want an additional member in your family but in the same time to save a life, you can adopt from your local shelter a mutt dog also known as mongrel or common breed or mixed-breed.
Economically speaking, adopting a dog is cheaper than buying a pure breed dog. But there are more arguments for this choice besides money.
As an alternative, our charity offers a number of carefully selected dogs (sociable, healthy, sometimes basic trained) for international adoptions. We have different sizes and colors dogs of all ages and shapes.
Every year, our charity rescue in our centers hundreds of new dogs from streets, from imminent danger (or death). In order to rescue more, we need to have free spaces. Our shelters have a no-kill policy, therefore sociable dogs must be adopted as soon as they are ready to give us the opportunity to rescue others.
1. When you adopt a dog from ROLDA, you save two lives!
To recap: adopting from a shelter is cheaper. Adopting from us makes you feel good for being able to help not just one, but two dogs who have nobody else but us to rely on.
2. Rescue dogs have predictable behavior
Because of their mixed background, common breed dogs (mutts) have moderate, submissive personalities.
Although our charity rescues many semi-wild dogs, our staff are experienced in selecting sociable, easy going dogs to be promoted for adoption. The rest of our dogs are rehabilitated so that one day, hopefully soon, they too will become safe pets.
The gratitude of a street dog is unique. Immediately after being placed in his new adoptive family, he understands that there is no place on Earth where he will be more protected, loved and spoiled. (Click here to read what adopters from all over the World say about their #roldadogs)
3. Former street dogs are extremely smart
Don’t forget that they have to survive day after day in a harsh, often dangerous environment. They had to accept or be accepted by other dogs, to form packs, to hunt alone or share food, to find a source of water, to avoid dangers.
These dogs are not “stuffed” toys. They have personality and they are extremely clever. They might take advantage of your distracted attention, to steal a nice smelling piece of steak – as cats do. They might challenge you – finding ways to dig holes in your garden, showing their “free animals” side in various ways. As soon as they learn that you are the chief of the pack – they will obey and follow you to the Moon.
4. Rescue dogs are resistant to illnesses
It often happens that a pure breed dog will have health problems like respiratory troubles, bad hips and heart conditions.
Some media sources often speak about street dogs as being a major health issue. It is partially true. As soon as the dogs come to our shelters, they get regular treatments (for flea and tick control and against internal worms) and vaccinations like any other pet.
Because of their background (natural selection), the strongest puppies survived and their bodies got stronger every time they overcome an obstacle (injury, cold, etc)
Looked after with care, mutts tend to live longer than the pure breed dogs.
5. When you adopt a mutt, you also help the Romanian community.
The average salary of a Romanian worker is 200 EUR/month and this includes the taxes and bills that he has to pay, the food and house rent, as well as the family-related expenses.
Especially in rural areas, many Romanians struggle to offer the proper care to their pets and farm animals (chickens, cows, pigs, etc)
The street dogs in the villages are fewer and in very bad shape. Closer to important cities, the number of street dogs grow. At the outskirts of towns, there are numerous semi-wild dogs that are not easy to be caught but they most need the rescuers’ attention and help.
Inside the city area, a street dog is integrated into a pack or if alone, tolerated by packs of dogs occupying the territory. A female dog in heat cause dog fights and a lot of noise. Many dogs are searching the trash bins for food and dirty outside people houses. The smell and the fleas are complaints from disturbed citizens. Sadly, reactions sometimes transform into abuse against these homeless animals.
There are cases when a pack of dogs shows violence against an unsupervised pet, children or a senior person. The urban war between street dogs and unsatisfied citizens makes victims every year.
With the knowledge, economic power and the education of your Western, civilized society, you can help the Romanian community to humanely solve the stray problem, a social problem recently declared a national, public health matter in Romania.
6. Reduce animal cruelty
Shelters are overwhelmed by the number of dogs abandoned or born and rescued from the streets. When you adopt one from our shelters, you give us the opportunity to have a spare place so we can help another dog in need or in danger.
Adopt an adult dog vs adopt a puppy
Many people worry about adopting an adult dog because they think a pure breed puppy will be easier to train.
Because of their mixed background, most street dogs are more submissive, calm and grateful for having the opportunity to live in a safe home, away from dangers or from starving.
Our team can help you choose the perfect dog that best matches your needs and expectations: we have a variety of dogs, different ages, various sizes, and colors. We have shy, dominant, calm, lazy, obedient dogs or dogs that might be a challenge for you but, will some hard work and dedication, be transformed into the perfect companion that you dream of.
There are aspects of adopting a former stray that are more rewarding than paying for a pure breed dog. Following a successful adoption, the bond created is unique.Adopt a puppy from our shelters
No dog should live imprisoned for the rest of his / her life! Shelters like ours have the role of preparing a rescue dog for his journey to a new forever home.
Although most of our dogs are adults, we also rescue puppies and juniors.
After the vaccinations and when the quarantine time expires, the puppies are ready to be adopted. Our puppies and juniors need basic training, like any other puppy brought from a pet shop.
Please contact us at if you have questions related to the adoption process, if you previously adopted from us and wish to share your experience with others or if you are in search and need guidance to select your best friend.
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