It takes so little for a dog to be happy!

As a charity, we rescue abused, crippled, suffering, hungry dogs. We provide them quality care, professional veterinary assistance, rehabilitation for shy, scared, semi-wild former street dogs.

Obviously, something else is missing to complete each rescuing mission: a responsible community. For thousands of years, the dog place is near human beings. Not abandoned or hunted to be slaughtered. There is no substitute for a dog’ home. Shelters can’t provide the love, the safety, the bond created between a dog and an adopter.

Over 95% of our total (almost) 750 dogs could instantly become perfect pet companions.

This website is dedicated to all Romanian dogs that die before experience what it means to really be someone’s pet. Over 200 dogs are presently advertised on this website. You can narrow the long list based on dogs’ age, color, size, etc

If you search for a new furry member of your family, please ADOPT a dog from our shelters. You can also choose to SPONSOR one of them, make a SPECIAL GIFT to one, DONATE for a dog with SPECIAL NEED.

Thank you Florin and Alina for making this project possible.