Animal Insurance

For UK adopters:

ROLDA and PetPlan are partners in UK.
Petplan are the biggest providers of pet insurance in the UK and they provide us with 4 weeks free, no obligation insurance for our dogs once they reach the new owner.
The 4 weeks includes: a full 4 weeks of insurance against accidents and 2 weeks of insurance against illness, which starts 2 weeks after the dog arrives.

Contact Sarah for additional details:


For Swedish adopters:

ROLDA and Agria Djurförsäkring are partners in Sweden.
Länsförsäkringar is one of the biggest companies that provides insurances in Sweden. Agria is their daughter company that are specialized in insurance regarding animals and farmers.
Agria provides insurance for all ROLDA dogs travelling to Sweden.
Contact Lisa for additional details:

$3 $5 $6 $12 Other
With this amount you'll be able to: Feed 1 dog for 6 months