This page was started in August 2014 and will be updated periodically with new testimonials from adopters of our dogs, from around the World.

I thank ROLDA and Dana from the bottom of my heart for saving him, and for letting us adopt him. We will always be eternally grateful for the outstanding work ROLDA does to save the street dogs of Romania, and they can always count on our pack for support!
Alexandra (Norway), Read more
Echo (was Tears) is doing absolutely fab, settled in directly, loves full fat milk; my free range chicken eggs! Already having long walks off the lead, compared to the girls he sticks to me like a shadow, sleeps through the night with all the others; just found his voice!I always find it amazing how loving they are after having such a crappy start to life. Thanks again for everything, I would say to anyone thinking about adopting from ROLDA, do it you will not be disappointed; the love you get back is amazing.
Sarah (UK)
We have adopted a street dog from Romania, from a dog shelter called ROLDA. We came in contact with ROLDA via Facebook and it was there I saw little Bichon for the first time. Instantly, I fell for her. She came to Sweden last Friday and Sandra took care of her for us in a few days. Yesterday I picked her up and we are all already in love with her. She reminds me of a Jack Russell or a Dachshund type of dog… She is calm, relaxed and incredibly kind. Thanks Dana and thanks ROLDA!
Heidi (Sweden)
Rex’s first day at our place: We got home in the middle of the night…introduced him to my other dogs. Went all fine..they started to play we had 2 hours sleep…woke up and he had his head on my neck…so sweet. We spent a lot of time outside…showed him around on the farm. He has been very playful from the very first second..he is a loving, gentle boy that loves life. Now we do the training…had his first poop outside today…told him what a good boy he was. We believe he was meant for us. And a message to the other adopters: Follow your heart when a dog “looks into your soul” A dog eyes tell you everything!
Evy (Norway)
You can be very proud of your work!My small Rumba is fantastic. She feels super well at home, she learn to play with toys and she makes even naughty stuffs!She does not make dirt in the house (only the first night but it is normal).
She begins even already to obey simple orders: no! Come! Sat down! Not move! Etc…. And she understands so many words: “eat”, “wee-wee”, and many more…. She’s a very intelligent dog. She learns very, very fast French! But she didn’t manage to teach me Romanian!The only negative detail:  she bother the cat… But in time, it will go very well, I’m sure.
In brief, it is a real happiness to have adopted this adorable Rumba! Once again thank you for all that you make with all your team!
Bea (Switzerland)
Lights determination to survive on the streets after losing two legs is beyond belief. Her sheer guts and strength of character would put many humans to shame. The plight and portrayal of this dog moved me to tears and I knew I had to visit her. The rest is history! My partner and I brought her back to the UK in April 2014!
Gail (UK), Read more
When I adopted the dog her name was Pusa, renamed Duster. She has been very healthy and affectionate and gives so much pleasure to watch her progress. She has always been clean in the house for the toilet. She sleeps with me every night and is more of a one person dog.
Lyn (UK)
I adopted 2 dogs from your rescue centre, Dodonel the poodle cross in July 2013 and then Pufy in August 2013.I would recommend your charity to anybody as I know you are trying to get better treatment of the animals in Romania.
Penny (UK), Read more

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