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Update from Leo

Update from Napoleon in Norway! In March 2015 we decided to bring a new dog into our family. Instead of purchasing a new puppy, we wanted to adopt a pet from a shelter. We went online, and came across a website called rolda.org. We looked at the pictures of the former street dogs, and fell in love with a dog named Heart; a 1-year old mutt. In May 2015 we applied for adoption. We were ecstatic when we received an answer from ROLDA. We corresponded for some time, and then it was official: Heart was coming to Norway. Tests were being taken and we waited patiently for our new family member to get the “go-ahead signal” June and July went by, and early August came; it was finally time to pick up Heart. We ordered flight tickets right away, and only a few days later my dad went to Romania to pick up our new dog. The following day, my mother and I went to the airport to pick up my dad and Heart. He was everything we’ve ever wanted. He was sat all the way in the back of his cage, slightly scared and confused. We brought him home, and he almost immediately fell asleep in my bed. Heart was also given a new name; Napoleon, Leo for short. No. Not Leo Messi, the well known football player. Still it worth reading it ;-)! The next day we introduced him to our other dog Alexie; an 8-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They instantaneously hit it off. He started to warm up to us, and became a part of the family in no time. He has evolved into an amazing companion, and we’ve couldn’t [...]

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Sjangs in Norway, update

A few years ago, we adopted our second Romanian rescue dog, and it was the best decision of our lives. We had been looking for a little brother for our little lady, Vilja, and when we saw a picture of a scruffy, yet lovable dog with a big smile, we could’t say no! We waited, in agony, for a month, before the plane brought him to us on a cold December night. We had already decided to name him Sjangs (Chance), after his namesake rescue dog in the 90’s film ‘Homeward Bound'. This picture is the very first picture we took of him: We got home, and Sjangs quickly peed on all the carpets. Vilja accepted him, they seemed to speak the same language, but I admit we went to bed that night thinking ‘do we really know what we’re doing?' Sjangs hadn’t spent a day indoors for over a year. Who knew what kind of dog we would see the next morning? We needn’t have worried. He has never been anything but kind and loving towards us. He is very loyal and protective of our pack, he watches out for us and guards the house, and all visitors must be approved by sniffing, barking, and an eventual pat on the head. He is the most loyal and trusting dog I have ever met, I trust him completely, and he is so affectionate and sweet mannered. He knows we only have his best interests at heart, so he accepts visits to the vet, brushing his teeth, cutting his claws, and shaving his fur in the summer. He even has a girlfriend, a Beagle named Bella, who lives a few doors down the road. We recently [...]

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12 dogs to Switzerland, February 2015

12 dogs flew to Switzerland accompanied by 4 amazing ladies: Lolita, Muriel, Sandrine and Birgit! These are the luckiest, happiest dogs: Muriel, Zizi, Judith, Ela, Bolek, Caprioara, Chloe, Asia, Fifa, Blondie, Darlene, Hege! Ela, small labrador, arrived to her home! Darlene enjoy her flight time in the safe arms of Muriel. Fifa flew for the first time,too. Once arrived home in Switzerland, Fifa was groomed, massaged and as you can see, she looks very relaxed now! Budela and Chloe reunited in Switzerland after almost a year. Budela flew to her family in 2014 and little Chloe followed her. Thank you Birgit for making dreams come true for our dogs! Darlene and Asia were adopted by the same family. Once you will adopt a ROLDA dog, you'll never wish to adopt other dogs!

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6 dogs to Switzerland

Happy adopters and extremely lucky dogs - together! Big thanks to Lolita and Anne for flying to pick up the dogs! Big thanks also to all the wonderful adopters who opened their hearts for our dogs! Thank you Marina and Mikael for your outstanding help! Thank you Yelena for adopting a second dog! Thank you Michele for all you do to be an amazing supporter!

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Testimonial from Penny

I adopted 2 dogs from your rescue centre, Dodonel the poodle cross in July 2013 and then Pufy in August 2013. They were picked up from the streets together by your charity so I felt it was the right thing they both live together in my home. They are both such lovely happy dogs and really have settled in well to their new life free from any worries. They love their toys and lots of cuddles.  I would recommend your charity to anybody as I know you are trying to get better treatment of the animals in Romania and I wish you all the luck in this. I have attached some photos of each of my little boys one each while in Romania and one each now they are in the U.K.  Also one of them together. Thank you for getting them off the streets so I could find them and then bring them home! photo (left) Dodonel -(right)Pufy in Romania photo: Pufy and Dodonel in UK photo: Dodonel in UK photo: Pufy in UK.

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Adopters testimonials

This page was started in August 2014 and will be updated periodically with new testimonials from adopters of our dogs, from around the World. I thank ROLDA and Dana from the bottom of my heart for saving him, and for letting us adopt him. We will always be eternally grateful for the outstanding work ROLDA does to save the street dogs of Romania, and they can always count on our pack for support! Echo (was Tears) is doing absolutely fab, settled in directly, loves full fat milk; my free range chicken eggs! Already having long walks off the lead, compared to the girls he sticks to me like a shadow, sleeps through the night with all the others; just found his voice!I always find it amazing how loving they are after having such a crappy start to life. Thanks again for everything, I would say to anyone thinking about adopting from ROLDA, do it you will not be disappointed; the love you get back is amazing. We have adopted a street dog from Romania, from a dog shelter called ROLDA. We came in contact with ROLDA via Facebook and it was there I saw little Bichon for the first time. Instantly, I fell for her. She came to Sweden last Friday and Sandra took care of her for us in a few days. Yesterday I picked her up and we are all already in love with her. She reminds me of a Jack Russell or a Dachshund type of dog... She is calm, relaxed and incredibly kind. Thanks Dana and thanks ROLDA! Rex's first day at our place: We got home in the middle of the night...introduced him [...]

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Why to adopt a rescue dog?

Why to adopt a ROLDA mutt vs buy a pure breed dog?Many people pay a lot of money to buy a pure breed dog. If you want an additional member in your family but in the same time to save a life, you can adopt from your local shelter a mutt dog also known as mongrel or common breed or mixed-breed.Economically speaking,  adopting a dog is cheaper then buying a pure breed dog. But there are more arguments for this choice besides money.As an alternative, our charity offers a number of carefully selected dogs (sociable, healthy, sometimes basic trained) for international adoptions. We have different sizes and colors dogs of all ages and shapes.WHY TO ADOPT A DOG FROM ROLDA?Every year, our charity rescue 500-700 new dogs from streets,  from an imminent danger (or death). In order to rescue more, we need to have free spaces. Our shelters have a no-kill policy, therefore sociable dogs must be adopted as soon as they are ready to give us the opportunity to rescue others.1. When you adopt a dog from ROLDA, you save two lives!To recap: adopting for shelter is cheaper and adopting from us makes you feel good for being able to help not only one but actually two dogs that have nobody else but us to rely on.2. Rescue dogs have predictable behaviorBecause of their mixed background, common breed dogs (mutts) have moderate, submissive personalities.Although our charity rescue many semi-wild dogs, our staff is experienced to select sociable, easy going dogs to be advertised for adoption. The rest of the dogs are rehabilitated for one day, hopefully soon, to become safe pets.The gratitude of a street dog is unique. Immediately after being placed in his new [...]

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6 dogs to Switzerland

June 2014 - Because of a team effort, 6 of our dogs (Ewa, Albisoara, Vanessa, Goldie, Dida and Stanley)reached their forever homes in Switzerland. Many thanks to ROLDA Suisse Committee and especially: --Lolita and  Muriel for logistics; --Oasis des Veterans for storage space; --Anne and Emilie for traveling to Romania to pick up the dogs; --The adopters and fosters for compassion and support!

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Hope Rescue

You know how awful it is to be hungry, sick – and have nobody there to care for you? To have an itchy sensation spreading all over your body and can do nothing about it? You cannot ask for help, as you don’t speak the human language – you can’t even cry loud your misery, as there is nobody there, near you to care! All these sound horrible – It's not something you'd wish for your family, or for anyone else you know. You and I both don't want these awful things to happen in our community. Sadly, where I live, thousands of dogs are freezing during winter, or getting dehydrated during hot summer days. They suffer in misery, hungry, alone. Their bodies are often too weak to fight even minor infections. They are the street dogs of Romania. See Hope sponsor page And she is one of them: a medium size female dog, about 2 years old, under-weighted, suffering of severe (chronic) skin disease. I named her Hope. We were advised to humanely put her to sleep. It is ROLDA policy not to destroy healthy rescue dogs and give a chance to live to each rescue dog. Hope condition made me (and the rescue staff) wonder if letting her continue to struggle wouldn’t be too much. With this thought, I step into Hope’s kennel. She was staring – and I move closer and seat near her. She instantly got up from her bed and jump in my arms. I had the feeling that her tiny, fragile body will crash - the smell coming from her was terrible. I couldn’t move hands because she would had fall – but I didn’t even want to let [...]

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Graduation time

Graduation is equivalent with starting a new chapter in life. Or tear the diploma to shreds – Red had a fun time doing that. Red is living now in Norway – with Silje and her family but not long ago, he was just another street dog of Romania – full of parasites, starving, alone. Red was brought into ROLDA shelter, placed in quarantine after being vaccinated and before that, tested. Two weeks later, he was sterilized and his behavior evaluated in order to be prepared for adoption. At this point, Red stopped being “a number” and got a name inspired of his fur's color. Red didn’t had to learn too much as he was already good with strangers, good with other dogs, accepting the leash – he was learning fast to please you, a very smart dog – like most of our dogs are (or become quickly) - the greatest dogs on Earth! Red luck name is Silje –a Norwegian lady that felt in love of him. The preparations started and not long after, Red got reunited with his new, forever family. Red story has a happy ending and seems an “easy solved” case. What made this possible are: Red size, character and a little of good fortune, which transformed him very quickly into someone’s pet. If I would have a magi twig, all the 700 dogs from ROLDA shelters would get instantly a home. I do not have that. But – as a wise alternative- I have YOU, people who care; people that have a good heart and the ambition to make a difference. In ROLDA shelters there are great dogs like Red and great dogs like FLANEL Flanel has everything a dog needs [...]

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Blu and Azzuro won

Blu and Azzuro, two ROLDA dogs won the contest on VotiPets! The photo was made when Blu and Azzuro were small puppies. Now, Azzuro is adopted in Austria and Blu is still in our care... see Blu now! There is rarely a better feeling than winning ....and I was able to feel these special moments  because of some very special people who offered their free daily votes but also sponsored extra votes to help Blu and Azzuro win. It was a tight "battle" with other (over) 300 participants. The purpose was simple: promote the Romanian animals cause internationally. It was a lesson for me, too because I hardly believe these days that human miracles are still possible....and these people show me that TOGETHER, we can stop saying I CAN'T.... Thank you all!

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4 dogs arrived in Geneva safely

Big thanks to Marie and ROLDA.CH team for coordination; Lolita for her (life saving) assistance, the adopters for choosing the best dogs on Earth - for their patience and perseverance. Thank you Daniele for Crin! Thank you Melissa for Budela!   Thank you Nadia for Pufa!   Thank you Sylvie for Bijou! Let's not forget the ROLDA motto:  Everybody needs a friend! (francaise) On a tous besoin d'un ami!  (romanian) Toti avem nevoie de un prieten!) This being said, we shall be proud for reuniting 4 ex-street dogs with the right human companions for lifetime.

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