Before Adopting

Please read the text below before starting the adoption enquiry!

You are about to adopt a former street dog that was rescued by our team, provided with quality food and veterinary care (a periodic treatment against internal and external parasites), sterilized, identified by microchipping.

Please consider and agree the followings:

• A rescue dog is different than a dog which you can buy from a pet shop.
• A rescue dog background is (most of the time) unknown but seeing the dogs suffering on the streets, we can assume and must be ready to understand his previous trauma.
• A rescue dog must be trained with patience to overlook and overpass his fears from the past (maybe sudden moves, loud noises, being afraid of a heavy truck passing too close).
• A rescue dog behavior can be different inside a shelter compared with his attitude once he feels home, loved, spoiled.
• A rescue dog can show a possessive attitude to his food, bed, sofa, – generally to his belongings but also when it’s about hugs and attention. We must remember that these dogs finally escaped from a miserable life and feel wanted, respected and loved.
• A rescue dog must be kept under observation when introduced to new dogs, other pets and especially around kids. Seen as easy targets to dominate, kids and smaller animals should be closely supervised until you get to know your adopted dog very well.
• A rescue dog will impress you with his cleverness, constantly adapting to new situations – but he needs guidance to learn the things your way from the beginning.
• Rescue dogs are very easy to train (most of them, especially using treats as a reward).
• The hardest part is winning a rescue dog’s trust. After that, he will follow you to the Moon and obey you until the end.
• A rescue dog will give you in return, something very different than what you’ve seen in other dogs – his gratitude, his love, his life.

Please understand a former street dog needs to be treated with gentleness and patience, you are about to make yourself and to your family, the greatest gift – as where else will you will find loyalty, cleverness, true friendship, unconditional love all together in a single, pure soul?

The experience of a British who adopted Romanian dogs in her own words

For anybody that hasn’t had a dog from Romania before, here is a good post to read…

When adopting a former stray from Romania, please remember:

1) Most of these dogs have known no different than to run for safety from people who might have been abused them.

2) They have been beaten, chased, starved and tied up on chains by some people.

3) Some have been in shelters for years or lived in the streets or on garbage dumps, let down by people.They have never heard a TV, washing machine, hover, doorbell, radio.

4) Some have never had a lead on, some are terrified of you putting a collar on them as they think it’s the big loop the dog catcher put tightly around there neck when they were caught on the street and slung into the pound.
Then they travel by airplane or by road for three to four days in a van to be delivered to adopters in Europe, they haven’t got a clue where they are going.


It’s important that you give your new fur friend time to trust you and this doesn’t happen overnight.

They may on the first night snuggle down with you on the bed BUT THEN they hear your alarm clock, they have never heard this frightening noise before, it must be danger so they must run from you!

They are happy playing in the Garden in the first few days BUT the neighbor starts mowing his lawn, your dog must run and jump the fence to get away from you!


On the other hand, don’t let the dog become the boss because you feel pity for him. Dogs don’t need compassion, they need a leader and a friend.

Note: This text is created by a British adopter based on her personal experiences. ROLDA Team aims to gather more advice from adopters and update this page regularly. Our primary goal is to see you (adopter) and your adopted furry friend living happy and safe.

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