Our Succes Stories
Happy New Beginnings
This is our favourite part:
The happily ever after!

Zinga in Norway

“I am so happy that Rolda chose me to be her mommy.”


Pam in Sweden

“Adopting a dog from Roldas is a most rewarding thing. It’s a meaning of life, among others. (To adopt two: double meaning of life)”


Ina in Sweden:

“She is the best thing that ever happened to me. Thank you ROLDA for saving her.”


Farina & Hugo in Sweden:

“They are the sunshine in my life. It’s always a pleasure to work together with ROLDA.”


Danub in Sweden

“We are so thankfull that we got him in our lives.”


Sir in Norway

“The adoption process was made so easy and I was supported by the ROLDA team throughout! Adopting through ROLDA was the best decision I made!”


Ronja in Sweden

“Happy wishes from Ronja and family. She is an amazing dog. I am the luckiest girl in the world who got the chance to adopt this amazing girl. So smart, loving and fun!”


Mica in Norway

“Dana thought this sweet little girl would be the best dog/match for me, and she was absolutely right. Thankful every day.”


Misty in Suisse

“Notre testeuse de coussins, surveillante, nounou, concierge, sirène d’alarme, tapette à mouche, et nettoyeuse de gamelles officielle.”


Leia in Sweden

“This is our princess Leia who’s lived with us for two weeks now. We absolutely adore her and feel like the luckiest people in the world getting to adopt such amazing little lady.”


Ljuba in Switzerland

“Ljuba is a great love story! Since her arrival she is comfortable in our home and  always happy to go back. Thank you Dana for this perfect dog. I love her so much.”


Cesar in Sweden

“Today it’s 3 years ago Cesar came into our lives. We couldn’t have asked for a better and more loving dog. I can’t imagine a life without him!”


Tuli in Sweden

“I work as a farmer/bodyguard/pillow in Sweden. The people in the house, say I’m perfect. And I know it!”


Varvara in Suisse

“Varvara je t aime tellement mais tellement fort . Merci ROLDA pour votre confiance.”


Lizzy in Norway

“Lizzie is fantastic. The adoptionprosess was professional and easy. I hope more people do the same.”


Tundra in Sweden

“Without Rolda I wouldn’t have had any of these darlings. Best thing happened.”


Paxton in Sweden

“Today we celebrate that Paxton has been with us for 6 months. So thankful for him every day; he has been so happy, grateful and lighthearted since day one. Thank you ROLDA for giving me the world’s finest and best boy.”


Lana in UK

“I want you to know that I am really grateful for Lana.  You have looked after her brilliantly and she is such a joy.  I know she spent over 5 years in the shelter, but she has fitted into my life so perfectly.”


Emma in Switzerland

“Today it’s been a month that we have the chance to have Emma with us. She is so wonderful, tender, smart gay, a real ray of sunshine! Can’t get a better dog.”


Wilda in Sweden

“This is Wilda, 5 months old now living with us in Sweden. She has been with us for 4 days and is doing amazing! She loves humans and is a real snuggle buddy!”


Nabi, three legs dog, in Suisse

“Elle est tellement attachante, câline, douce et drôle aussi !”


Hunky & Frøya in Norway

“They are the joy of my life, my sisters, best friend and companion.”


Tyra in Sweden

“Rolda helped me from Rumänien to my forever home in Sweden.”


Bar in Sweden

“She is our lovely, 3-legged Lady. A perfect and wonderful dog!”


Tango in Sweden

“Old Tango has a bright retirement thanks to ROLDA.”


Shaynna in Suisse

“Merci à Rolda pour l’avoir fais rentrer dans ma vie.”


Pepete in Suisse

“Merci à toute l’équipe de Rolda pour votre travail. Que du bonheur.”


Fee in Suisse

“Une boule d’amour”


Ronye in Switzerland

“J’ai adopté mon petit kangourou Ronye cette année car j’ai craqué sur une photo et quel bonheur, quelle chance j’ai eue de pouvoir l’accueillir . Merci ROLDA vous êtes de belles personnes.”


Emma in Switzerland

“Emma brings joy and happiness to us. Rolda Switzerland team were very nice and explained how adoption works and someone from ROLDA came at home to meet us. All things were made in a professional manner and love for dogs.”


Lucky in Switzerland

“Adopter le 6 novembre , que du bonheur et une adaptation très rapide , je suis très fière de mon chien, Lucky!”


Harley in Switzerland

“Mon complément… mon double… mon tout… mon Amour ! Harley (ex Alba) Adoption Octobre 2015”


Nova in Sweden

“Our life changes when we discovered ROLDA organisation. We found our best friend who we love endlessly, her name is Nova.”


Dario, Nora & Tilly in Sweden

“We adopted three dogs from ROLDA. Dario, Nora and Tilly are absolutely wonderful dogs that give us so much joy every day. Thank you ROLDA for them.”


Betty in Sweden

“Betty, this dog brought back the joy in my parents live. Adopted in October 2019. ROLDA helped so much at my old, 80 and 81, parents got the right dog.”


Rambo & Louise in Switzerland

“Rambo et Louise, nos 2 petits chiens bonheur adoptés en Octobre 2018.”


Daniela in Sweden

“We adopted Daniela in 2017,she is so kind we love her.Thank you ROLDA.”



Honey in Norway

“We could not have made a better choice! The adoption process was easy but serious, and Rolda had everything lined up. “


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