Why adopt a dog?

Documented health benefits

  • helps improve general health
  • helps reduce the risk of heart failure
  • helps reduce stress

Benefits to you and your family

  • keeps you active
  • helps keep you trim
  • improves your social life
  • builds your self confidence
  • adds meaning and purpose to life
  • reduces depression, loneliness and isolation

Points to consider:

  • a change to your daily routine
  • potential allergies from dog hair
  • cost of food, veterinary bills, insurance and training
Which to choose:
a pure breed or a mixed breed
(aka mutt)?
Advantages of buying a pure breed:
You can pick a particular breed based on characteristics such as long ears, large body etc. You also generally receive the dog as a puppy. If you use a reputable breeder, you also receive registration paperwork confirming authenticity of the breed.
Disadvantages of buying a pure breed:
Dog breeding is big business and many unscrupulous people are out to make a quick buck. You need to locate a reputable breeder, which can be harder than you think if you want to keep the price low. Dependable and reliable breeders, who ensure their dogs have access to the widest gene pool available, will charge accordingly for a puppy and are usually far more pricey than the less experienced breeders.
Additionally, pure breeds often have inbred health problems, such as weak hips or heart defects. With the best will in the world, there are only so many dogs available within one particular breed, so unfortunately genetic problems are common and expensive to treat.
Advantages of adopting a mutt:
As a general rule, they live longer than pure breeds, so you can enjoy each other’s company for many more years. A mutt is usually much healthier than a pure breed because their gene pool is much larger so they are less likely to have a genetic disease. A rescue mutt often seems more loyal as they are happy and grateful to be with you.
Disadvantages of adopting a mutt:
Adopted mutts are often adult dogs, not puppies, and therefore may need more time to train. They are usually smart dogs (after all, they survived a harsh environment) and are very adaptable to new circumstances, new commands and are ready to please.
A dog rescued from the streets has been exposed to situations we can only imagine. He/she may be scared of loud noises, so the first time you load the washing machine, they may well act afraid and need lots of reassurance. Sadly, many have been abused, so could be scared of particular people who remind them of their abuser. We suggest that no matter how much experience you have with rescues, keep a close eye, especially in the first few weeks, while your new dog interacts with family members, other pets and visitors. Never let a child play with a recently adopted or purchased dog unless very closely supervised.


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  • 55 cm
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