The Sponsor a dog Program is successful because of our supporters.

We named this page Hall of Fame to celebrate the strength of humans and animals ‘ bond, OUR strength, working TOGETHER as a great team to save and rehabilitate hundreds of dogs, every year.

Because of the people listed on this page and others that preferred to remain anonymous, our charity has the privilege to rescue what it’s considered in Romania “garbage” and transform it into loving pets, great companions.

In a way, we do miracles but not like magicians – we call it compassion, humane care, responsible rescue.

And our sponsors are an enormous part of each accomplished rescue mission in Romania.

List of our great donors

Monique F.- basic package DIDA  Read more about DIDA!
Monique F.- basic package AUREL  Read more about AUREL!
Anne M.- basic package ALISSA  Read more about ALISSA!
Anne M.- basic package TOSCA  Read more about TOSCA!
Anne M.- basic package CLAIR  Read more about CLAIR!
Sandra F.- basic package FIA  Read more about FIA!
Helene W.- basic package KENT  Read more about KENT!
Daniela D.- basic package MARIA  Read more about MARIA!
Solange M.- basic package COSTEL  Read more about COSTEL!
Mia T.- basic package BEATRICE  Read more about BEATRICE!
Thierry P.- basic package CICI  Read more about CICI!
Didier F.- basic package NADIA  Read more about NADIA!
Thierry P.- basic package MACARENA  Read more about MACARENA!
Eveline B.- basic package PHILIP  Read more about PHILIP!
Valerie C.- basic package MAN  Read more about MAN!
Muriel J.- basic package PHILIP  Read more about PHILIP!
Melanie O.- basic package HEGE  Read more about HEGE!
Al Z. – basic package MIA  Read more about MIA!
Guy S. – basic package BIJOU  Read more about BIJOU!
Hege J. – basic package KUNA  Read more about KUNA!
Thierry P. – basic package BOSTON  Read more about BOSTON!
Thierry P. – basic package BELA  Read more about BELA!
Siv Heidi- basic package CHERE  Read more about CHERE!
Jennifer C.- basic package MARTHE  Read more about MARTHE!
Thierry P. – basic package BIJOU  Read more about BIJOU!
Michele PM – basic package IRA  Read more about IRA!
Michele PM – basic package NOKIA  Read more about NOKIA!
Michele PM – basic package DUST  Read more about DUST!
Nienke S. – basic package TEARS  Read more about TEARS!
Berit L. – basic package COLA  Read more about COLA!
Mihaela S. – basic package MIRCEA  Read more about MIRCEA!
Michele PM – basic package MIRCEA  Read more about MIRCEA!
Michele PM – basic package COAL  Read more about COAL!
M. Zehnder – basic package MAN  Read more about MAN!
Mihaela S. – basic package PICA  Read more about PICA!
Kimberly L.- basic package STAN  Read more about STAN!
Gina H.- basic package EDDY  Read more about EDDY!
Mikaela R.- basic package JUDITH  Read more about JUDITH!
Lorraine C.- basic package LIGHT  Read more about LIGHT!
Anna Maria A.- basic package IONEL  Read more about IONEL!
Paula G. – basic package DAISY  Read more about DAISY!
Muriel VP- basic package HEART  Read more about HEART!
Morten A.- basic package MARCO  Read more about MARCO!
Thierry P.- basic package PIF  Read more about PIF!
Sandra N. – extra-nutrition ADRIA  Read more about ADRIA!
Mireille B. – extra-nutrition MAXEL  Read more about MAXEL!
Stefania P.- extra-nutrition  LINETE  Read more about LINETE!
Carine P.- extra-nutrition  HEGE  Read more about HEGE!
Patricia D.- extra-nutrition  LIA  Read more about LIA!
Morten A.- extra-nutrition  LAURA  Read more about LAURA!
Gail H.- extra-nutrition  MARCUS  Read more about MARCUS!
Susanne B.- extra-nutrition  EUROPA  Read more about EUROPA!
Susanne B. – extra-nutrition  ATENA  Read more about ATENA!
Jacky T. – extra-nutrition  DIONIS  Read more about DIONIS!
Beata – extra-nutrition  VALENTIN  Read more about VALENTIN!
Barbara – extra-nutrition  PEPSI  Read more about PEPSI!
Henny G. – extra-nutrition  KENT  Read more about KENT!
Pascale- extra-nutrition LOLEK&BOLEK  Read more about LOLEK&BOLEK!
Pascale S.- complete care IGOR  Read more about IGOR!
Michele PM- complete care CHARLY  Read more about CHARLY!
Hilde Sofie S.- water bowl for MARIA  Read more about MARIA!
Michele PM- water bowl for PHILIP  Read more about PHILIP!
Marine M.-monthly gift JUTTA  Read more about JUTTA!
Michele PM – gift to repair kennel GRIFCO  Read more about GRIFCO!
Jessica W. – gift to repair kennel FOXY  Read more about FOXY!
Katrina – gift to repair kennel TOOTHLET  Read more about TOOTHLET!
Mona sponsor CHLOE renovation kennel  Read more about CHLOE!
Debra sponsor MARGARETA renovation kennel  Read more about MARGARETA!
Silje sponsor GLADY renovation kennel  Read more about GLADY!
Anita L.-visit to the vet for CHARLIZE  Read more about CHARLIZE!
Margareth H.-visit to the vet for BRUNETA  Read more about BRUNETA!
Dagny Carolina O.-visit to the vet for CHARLIZE  Read more about CHARLIZE!
Jialin L.-visit to the vet for JAVIER  Read more about JAVIER!
Ludivine T.-visit to the vet for FARAON  Read more about FARAON!
Michele PM-visit to the vet for PHILIP  Read more about PHILIP!
Michele PM-visit to the vet for LOLITA  Read more about LOLITA!
Hilde Sofie S.- winter git for MARIA  Read more about MARIA!
Michele PM- winter git for PHILIP  Read more about PHILIP!
Melody B.- winter gift for CHARLY  Read more about CHARLY!
Lynda – gift for running space SOFT  Read more about SOFT!
Susan F.- gift for running space CHLOE  Read more about CHLOE!