The Sponsor a dog Program is successful because of our supporters.

We named this page Hall of Fame to celebrate the strength of humans and animals ‘ bond, OUR strength, working TOGETHER as a great team to save and rehabilitate hundreds of dogs, every year.

Because of the people listed on this page and others that preferred to remain anonymous, our charity has the privilege to rescue what it’s considered in Romania “garbage” and transform it into loving pets, great companions.

In a way, we do miracles but not like magicians – we call it compassion, humane care, responsible rescue.

And our sponsors are an enormous part of each accomplished rescue mission in Romania.

List of great donors of this month

Stephanie – basic package FIA  Read more about FIA!
Samantha – basic package CHOP  Read more about CHOP!

Stephanie – basic package PICOLO  Read more about PICOLO!

Joy – basic package MIRABEL  Read more about MIRABEL!

Mette – basic package BAZUKA  Read more about BAZUKA!

Mette – basic package LUCKY  Read more about LUCKY!

Mette – basic package FARINA  Read more about FARINA!

Mette – basic package GRASA  Read more about GRASA!

Michele – basic package NOKIA  Read more about NOKIA!

Michele – basic package DUST  Read more about DUST!

Michele – basic package LOLITA  Read more about LOLITA!

Michele – basic package JET  Read more about JET!

Michele – basic package IRA  Read more about IRA!
Michele – basic package BLU  Read more about BLU!

Ase – basic package RONTZI  Read more about RONTZI!

Ase – basic package ALBERT  Read more about ALBERT!

Ase – basic package VARVARA  Read more about VARVARA!

Ase – basic package IGOR  Read more about IGOR!

Lorraine – basic package LIGHT  Read more about LIGHT!

Borghild – basic package CARLA  Read more about CARLA!

Borghild – basic package LIGHT  Read more about LIGHT!

Kimberly – basic package STAN  Read more about STAN!

Marine – basic package JUTTA  Read more about JUTTA!

Marine – basic package FARAON  Read more about FARAON!

Marine – basic package BEAR  Read more about BEAR!

Siw Heidi  – basic package CHERE  Read more about CHERE!

Mireille – basic package BABUTZA  Read more about BABUTZA!

Hege – basic package KUNA  Read more about KUNA!

Stefania – basic package HOPE  Read more about HOPE!

Jean-Marc – basic package JUTTA  Read more about JUTTA!

Carine – basic package TIGRA  Read more about TIGRA!

Denis – basic package MIRACLE  Read more about MIRACLE!

Barbara – basic package MAN  Read more about MAN!

Barbara- basic package MIRABEL  Read more about MIRABEL!

Clara – basic package VITO  Read more about VITO!

Caroline – basic package RONY  Read more about RONY!

Caroline – basic package ASHLEY  Read more about ASHLEY!

Alicia – basic package GATSBY  Read more about GATSBY!

Anne M. – basic package ANNE  Read more about ANNE!

Jennifer – basic package LIPA  Read more about LIPA!

Alicia – basic package SAMBA  Read more about SAMBA!

Borghild – extra-nutrition  LITTLE CARLOS  Read more about LITTLE CARLOS!

Emilie - extra-nutrition FIA  Read more about FIA!

Gail- complete care LIGHT  Read more about LIGHT!

Pascale- complete care IGOR  Read more about IGOR!

John- complete care TOTO  Read more about TOTO!

Michael- complete care MICKEY  Read more about MICKEY!
halloffame dog_name=”VANESSA”]Thierryl- complete care VANESSA[/halloffame]
Manuela-monthly gift LISAKO  Read more about LISAKO!

Sibylle sponsor a dog  Read more about !

CaraLousie sponsor a dog  Read more about !

Alexandra-monthly gift ALEXA  Read more about ALEXA!

Enza-monthly gift SNOW  Read more about SNOW!

Shawna-extra medical care  INCA  Read more about INCA!

Susan – gift for running space TROPICANA  Read more about TROPICANA!
Katrina – gift to repair kennels TOOTHLET  Read more about TOOTHLET!

Marianne C. sponsor PAL renovation kennel  Read more about PAL!

Olga Lolli – gift for running space LUIS  Read more about LUIS!

Silje – visit to the vet for ZORO  Read more about ZORO!
Iselin – visit to the vet for BLITZ  Read more about BLITZ!
Iselin – winter gift for BLITZ  Read more about BLITZ!

Marlyse -visit to the vet for LOLITA  Read more about LOLITA!

Marlyse – gift for winter JET  Read more about JET!

Melissa – visit to the vet for SCHWARTZ  Read more about SCHWARTZ!

Marine – gift for winter MAN  Read more about MAN!

Lolita – visit to the vet for MIRABEL  Read more about MIRABEL!

Alicia sponsor COSETTE renovation kennel  Read more about COSETTE!

Melissa sponsor QUEEN renovation kennel  Read more about QUEEN!

Emma Louise – visit to the vet for PIPETE  Read more about PIPETE!

Lynda – gift for running space SOFT  Read more about SOFT!

Debra sponsor MARGARETA renovation kennel  Read more about MARGARETA!

Silje sponsor GLADY renovation kennel  Read more about GLADY!

Karina – gift for winter and visit to the vet for ALFONSO  Read more about ALFONSO!

Karina made a gift for winter for SUGAR  Read more about SUGAR!